Vegetable Rarities With History - Organic Seed Advent Calendar 2020

Vegetable Rarities With History - Organic Seed Advent Calendar 2020

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The topic of this Advent calendar is culinary plant rarities from all around the world. We consider the selected varieties to be very special and worth preserving because they have been accompanying mankind as cultivated plants for thousands of
years. We would like to draw your attention especially to the rare historical vegetable varieties, agricultural plants, and forgotten wild vegetables included in the calendar.

Most of the included varieties can be grown in large pots but, of course, thrive best when sown outdoors in seedbeds.

The Advent calendar consists of 24 numbered bags printed in colour, which are hung on a string with small wooden clothespins by the first of December when the Christmas countdown starts. Each bag contains a seed packet and individual plant portrait for you to unwrap day by day throughout Advent.

In addition to these 24 pre-filled bags, the calendar contains strings made of natural hemp fibres and beeswax, 24 wooden clothespins, and an information booklet with detailed sowing instructions in German and English, each containing helpful advice for successfully sowing your own plants.

Each day of Advent has a special surprise for you. In this box, there are 24 hand-selected seed packets filled with high quality, true-to-seed organic plant seeds - one for each day of Advent to make the run-up to Christmas an extra-special experience. With each seed sachet, you will find a brief portrait of each individual plant variety, describing its special features and history. Some of the plants selected for the calendar may already be well-known friends but we feel confident that we will also introduce you to a few lesser-known and unusual varieties, whether you are new to gardening or already an expert.

The best part of the surprise, however, will start to emerge in a variety of wondrous ways after Christmas. From around February, you can start sowing the first seeds in the house and watch spring arrive before your very own eyes. We invite you to watch the first green tips emerge and to learn how to love looking after your young plants - watering them, pricking them out, and watching them thrive until it is time to harvest, taste, and enjoy their delightful beauty. The contents of this Advent calendar will keep your green fingers nimble for at least one gardening year and we hope it will bring you much joy.

They are lovingly produced, true-to-seed plant seeds from certified European organic farms. This means that you will be able to obtain seeds from your home-grown plants and use them for re-sowing the following year.

The production of the calendar is supported by Retex, a local initiative to create jobs for mentally ill and disabled people.
Vegetable Rarities With History - Organic Seed Advent Calendar 2020
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